What Is A Blue Light Filter?

What Is A Blue Light Filter? The evidence just keeps on piling up – excessive exposure to blue light is harmful. Blue light suppresses the production of melatonin, a sleep-promoting hormone produced by the brain’s pineal gland. While this is a welcome effect during the day, exposure to blue light at night suppresses sleep and […]

Can Blue Light Damage Eyes?

Can Blue Light Damage Eyes? Light is a permanent fixture of our lives that comes from many artificial or natural sources. For 365 days in a year, light enables us to see, but it isn’t all good. Case in point, the detrimental effects of UV rays have been extensively documented over the years. But what […]

How To Find The Best Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses have a wealth of benefits. But with so much choice of blue light protecting products, how can you choose the right one? Whether it’s sending messages to friends, browsing eCommerce sites or organising our finances online, we all spend time looking at screens. We spend over four hours a day on our […]

How To Test Blue Light Filters

How To Test Blue Light Filters The use of blue light filters is gaining more and more traction as people continue to discover their merits. Blue light filters help reduce strain on the eyes and also ensure our sleep cycles run smoothly. They come in many different forms including software like f.lux and physical blue […]

10 Foods That Help You Sleep Better

10 Foods That Help You Sleep Better Sleep. We all crave a good night’s rest but we may be lost as to where we should start looking for the most accurate and accessible information for us to follow. Ocushield Blue Light Screen Protectors are here to help with their Top 10 foods that help you […]

How do Blue Light Filters Work?

How do Blue Light Filters Work? A question we frequently hear is, how do blue light filters work? Before we answer that, let’s take a step back. As you are reading this article on either your smartphone, tablet, or computer, this means you are currently being exposed to dangerous blue light that is emitted from […]