Wearable tech to be aware of for overall exposure

Wearable tech to be aware of for overall exposure

Wearable tech to be aware of for overall exposure

It's Adding To Your Overall Exposure

Each item you use and love will have its own energetic signature of sorts, and some will also have a screen or light.

Accumulatively these add up, along with the many other radio waves and light sources we either cannot see or don't really think about.

Now, these items can be very useful and allow us to track, monitor or adjust our lifestyles in micro-increments.

Each step takes us closer to the holy grail of health and happiness.

What wearable tech should you be aware of?

  • Here are the 5 of the main pieces of tech you may encounter or use on a regular basis than could be impacting your overall health and energy

  • Smartphones 📱

Most people have one these days, and with it being in your hand, bag or pocket most of the time it's important to be mindful.

When turned on it and connected to the internet it will emit and receive data packets, this is true when used to monitor your activity levels, bodily stats or just going about your day-to-day.

Make a call and start using Bluetooth, 5g or watching videos and you'll soon feel the amount of heat generated.

This can be absorbed by your head, or body if it's allowed to do so.

  • Rings 💍

These small and relatively new devices can be used to monitor your sleep, energy or activity levels so can prove to be super useful.

Bare in mind that they also create a connection to the internet, which emits an electronic signal that can interfere with your body's energy levels.



  • Wireless earphones 🦻

By connecting via Bluetooth you're effectively sandwiching your head between two transmitters.

Combine this with the use of your smartphone and the blue light being produced and you've got more exposure to electronics than you may have initially thought.

  • Smartwatches

If having access to your emails, and messages and being able to take calls from your wrist might make you feel like a futuristic gizmoid, however...

You've still got a screen on the device, electronic frequencies being produced attached to your body. Especially worth considering if attached to your wrist day and night.

  • Personal computers 🖥

Our lives can seem to revolve around these items and whilst useful for the best part, we can find they're impacting our lives in not so favourable ways.

Technically not wearable (unless you're making helmets out of old monitors, or duct-taping tablets to your legs) but still worth being aware of.

Having laptops on our laps can affect our posture, and breathing patterns, and also radiate radio waves into our groin, abdomen and surrounding tissues.

As a general rule, the more aware and mindful we are of our total exposure the more we're able to take steps to reduce it. 💪

We do hope you found this article useful and that it enables you to live a healthier and happier life, more in balance with your energy.

See you next time!

Team Ocushield



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