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Anti blue light screen protector for iPad

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  • Improve sleep, protect eyes and skin from harmful blue light
  • No retro orange tinge, a crystal clear picture
  • Super-strong tempered glass to protect your screens
  • Applicator included, no more worrying about bubbles
  • £1 donated to Moorfields Eye Charity per order
  • Designed & developed by Optometrists in the UK
  • Accredited Class 1 Medical Device by the MHRA

Anti blue light screen protector for iPad

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True colours

Supreme tempered glass

Blue Light Filter

Prevent Eye Strain

Sleep better

Why not just turn on the built-in blue light filter?

Too much orange?

The Ocushield blue light filter - the best screen protector for the iPads

How to know if your filter is working


What’s in the package

Expert Approval

  • Dhruvin Patel
    Dhruvin Patel


  • Dr Saliha Afridi
    Dr Saliha Afridi

    Clinical psychologist

  • Dr Nikola Ragusa
    Dr Nikola Ragusa


  • Dr. Nikita Desai
    Dr. Nikita Desai


  • Rachel Clarkson
    Rachel Clarkson

    Dietician & Nutritionist

  • Gemma Clare
    Gemma Clare

    Holistic skin expert

World-wide shipping

Protecting you from the harms of blue-light all across the globe.

100-day refund

Not impressed? Get a refund. You have 100 days to break our hearts.

Created by optometrists

Made by eye-care experts and sleep therapists. No gimmicks here.


Ocushield is easy to install


Developed by qualified optometrists, our medically-rated screen protectors for smartphones and tablets effectively block up to 99% of harmful UV & blue light emissions between 300-400nm and up to 40% of harmful blue light between 400-470nm. Meaning you’re protected from harmful blue light and all of the nasty stuff that comes with it - such as headaches, tired eyes, sleepless nights and premature ageing. Sounds good, right?

Our screen protectors for mobile phones and iPads are made of high quality tempered glass to protect both your eyes and screens. As you can imagine, cutting glass won’t work too well, so we don’t advise it. Our screen filters for MacBooks and laptops can be cut down if needed though - but be careful.

To find the right size, select an item from the dropdown menu on the relevant page. We have multiple models that are covered with the same size - but all versions are listed, so you’ll be able to find the right one for you.

Unlike other blue light filters, Ocushield won’t turn your screen a retro orange colour and keeps 95% clarity for a crystal clear picture. So unless orange is your favourite colour. You can enjoy blue light protection without any changes to your view.

Our screen protectors are made of tough, tempered glass, protecting your screens from chips and scratches. So not only do they protect your eyes, skin and wider health,  but they’ll also help to keep your phone in tip top condition.

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