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Here at Ocushield, we care about your health. That's why we've built a community network of experts in eye care, sleep and blue light to understand the problems fully and find viable solutions to keep us safe and well.

  • Dhruvin Patel
    Dhruvin Patel


  • Gemma Clare
    Gemma Clare

    Skin Expert

  • Dr  Roban
    Dr Roban

    Sleep Specialist

  • Dr Saliha Afridi
    Dr Saliha Afridi


  • Dr Nikola Ragusa
    Dr Nikola Ragusa


  • Dr Nikita Desai
    Dr Nikita Desai


  • Rachel Clarkson
    Rachel Clarkson


  • Dr Joshua Roland
    Dr Joshua Roland

    Sleep Doctor

  • Dr Natalie Chai
    Dr Natalie Chai


  • Dr Julia Kogan
    Dr Julia Kogan

    Health Psychologist, Behavioural Medicine Specialist

  • Dr Elise Kramer
    Dr Elise Kramer


  • Erinn Murphy
    Erinn Murphy

    Ophthalmic Technician

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