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Blue Light on Dragons' Den by Ocushield

Ocushield ® , the world's only medically rated anti blue light products went into the Dragons' Den to pitch their company. Optometrists Dhruvin Patel and Asad Hamir faced the Dragons as they explained why blue light from digital device screens is a hazard for our health.
The pitch was so compelling that it resulted in an offer from not one but two Dragons, Tej Lalvani and Peter Jones, who went head-to-head for Ocushield's business.
UPDATE: Ocushield ® & our blue light filtering products appeared on Dragons' Den, the show that supports the best ideas in the business.
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Our team of optometrists and founders discuss how we created the world's only medically rated anti blue light filters that leave you with fresher feeling eyes and a better night's sleep after extended screen time.


Dragons Den loves your health

We're all guilty of spending excess time on screens, whether it's catching up with friends or watching our favourite TV shows. But luckily there is a solution! Don't forget to tune in next week so you can find out more about living a healthier life in the digital world.

Here at Ocushield, we love your eyes and your health - and it seems that Dragons Den does too. The popular British investment programme sees budding entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to five key players, who are willing to invest their cash for the right opportunity. For many, it’s entertaining TV that introduces you to new brands and concepts - for the lucky few, it’s a life-changing story. With a new series currently on BBC 1, things are heating up.

As a growing brand in the healthcare sector, we take a look at some of the pitches that focus on blue light awareness, wellness and digital health - that caught our attention as well as the Dragons. From blue badge accessories that help people feel more included in society to life-saving lighting features, we take a look at how Dragons Den has featured healthcare products that improve the lives of users. Ready? Let’s go...


Blue Badge Company

Blue badge company appeared on season 13 of Dragons Den in 2015. The Blue Badge scheme helps many people who are disabled to park in centrally located spots to help with their mobility needs. Blue Badge Company designs and creates stylish living aids and travel accessories, such as display wallets, lap trays and walking stick bags. They're now established as a go-to lifestyle product for disabled people to lead a better and more stylish life. With demand for healthcare products rising, they're continuing to grow and develop their offering.

Blue Mountain Coffee

Blue Mountain Coffee offers luxury grade one coffee, unlike any other out there. Providing authentic and rare tastes to enrich the lives of connoisseurs worldwide, they offer single origin, traceable, fairtrade coffee from award-winning estates and pitched on Dragons Den in 2018.

With an east African heritage and experience of roasting coffee, they aim to bring back some of the authenticity that has been lost from the coffee industry. With so many companies using machines, deviating from the roots of roasting, they want to share their love and passion for fresh beans - and use this to shape their bespoke approach. We hear it tastes pretty good too...now we just need to get our hands on some!



myLupo is a coin-sized Blue tooth finder & tracker for phones and tablets. This handy gadget caters for those who are looking for their lost items, something many of us are far too familiar with. This is why they braved the Dragons Den in 2017 and presented their devices.

Lupo helps you locate things easily and quickly, whilst saving you time, stress and money. Sounds perfect for those of us that have many devices and can’t remember where we put them. Now you just have to make sure you don’t lose your Lupo too!


Blue Bottle Gin

Blue Bottle Gin offers a boutique, distilled gin and their founders took on the Dragons in 2017. What sets them apart from the crowd is their unique crafting method in copper stills. This creates a scrumptious botanical flavour with a taste of juniper, a tropical scent of gorse flowers and the sweetness of nutmeg - along with a hint of cubeb pepper. They used their investment from Dragons Den to seek even more coverage in the drinks space, developing the craft gin experience even further for their members.


Brighter Bikes

BrighterBikes offer safety indicator lights for bicycles. The BrighterBike light indicator delivers powerful luminescence, to help cyclists to act smart, be safe and indicate easily when on the road. With USB charging and 20 hours of battery life, it’s no surprise that these lights caught the eyes of two of the Dragons back in 2017.

Blue light dragon's den

Light Emotions

The spotlight was also on Light Emotions who appeared on Dragons Den in 2003. They offer a range of plastic champagne flutes, tumblers and shot glasses that light up when you fill them with liquid. How does it work? They contain tiny batteries that cause the glasses to light up one of seven different colours when they are full of liquid. Perfect for parties, promotions and those who can’t see well in the dark.

blue light technology dragon's den

First Light Solutions

First Light Solutions offer a sonar-based man-overboard detection system that could be life-saving! The self-initiated digital-sonar alarm appeared on Dragons Den in 2006 and won over the Dragons with innovative technology. Crucial for those who spend a lot of time out at sea and in open blue waters, the Mermaid id offering is dramatically different from any other safety product on the market. The sonar signals mean that it works underwater and responds through carbon fibre structures. Its reactive nature also means that it never needs charging and only works when the MOB (man overboard) hits the water.

With demand for healthcare, wellbeing and blue light products on the rise, we hope you’ve discovered something new that can help you to lead a healthier lifestyle in the digital world. Here at Ocushield, we offer the world’s only medically rated blue light filters. By filtering harmful blue light you’re able to sleep better, feel better and get more done.



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