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Blue Light on Dragons' Den by Ocushield

Here at Ocushield, we love your eyes and your health - and it seems that Dragons Den does too. The popular British investment programme sees budding entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to five key players, who are willing to invest their cash for the right opportunity. 

Ocushield ®, the world's only medically rated anti blue light products went into the Dragons' Den to pitch their company. Ocushield Optometrists Dhruvin Patel and Asad Hamir faced the Dragons as they explained why blue light from digital device screens is a hazard for our health.
The pitch was so compelling that it resulted in an offer from not one but two Dragons, Tej Lalvani and Peter Jones, who went head-to-head for Ocushield's business.

Watch the full clip on Wistia here or watch the highlights on BBC here


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May 16, 2024

Written By

Dhruvin Patel | BSc Hons, MCOptom, Optometrist

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Omba Kumwenda | BA, MEng

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Tara Tadlock | MA

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