Anti blue light screen protector for laptops, monitors and PCs

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  • Improve sleep, protect eyes and skin from harmful blue light
  • No retro orange tinge, a crystal clear picture
  • Infused privacy filter, stop prying eyes
  • Anti-glare coating, no more reflections
  • Anti-bacterial coating, good for shared devices
  • £1 donated to Moorfields Eye Charity per order
  • Designed & developed by Optometrists in the UK
  • Accredited Class 1 Medical Device by the MHRA
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Length (horizontal) x Width (vertical) - MM (Millimetres)

If you’re unsure of the size required, please measure the length & width of the screen using a ruler or tape measure in MM (millimetres). Measure the visible screen only not including the frame.

11.6" W(257 x 145) 22" W(474 x 297)
12.1" W(261 x 164) 23" W-A(510 x 287)
12.5" W(277 x 156) 23" W-B(496 x 310)
13.3" W-A(294 x 166) 23.6" W(522 x 294)
13.3" W-B(287 x 179) 23.8" W(527 x 296)
14" W(310 x 175) 24" W-A(519 x 325)
15.6" W(345 x 194) 24" W-B(532 x 299)
17" (338 x 271) 26" W(552 x 346)
17" W(368 x 230) 27” W-A(582 x 364)
19" (377 x 302) 27” W-B(598 x 337)
19" W(409 x 256)
21" W(453 x 283)
21.5" W(477 x 268)

True colours


Anti-scratch Plastic

Blue Light Filter

Prevent Eye Strain

Sleep better

Protect your eyes from your screen, and your screen from prying eyes.

It’s a modern-day menace

That’s why we created Ocushield®


What’s in the package

Expert Approval

  • Dhruvin Patel
    Dhruvin Patel


  • Dr Saliha Afridi
    Dr Saliha Afridi

    Clinical psychologist

  • Dr Nikola Ragusa
    Dr Nikola Ragusa


  • Dr. Nikita Desai
    Dr. Nikita Desai


  • Rachel Clarkson
    Rachel Clarkson

    Dietician & Nutritionist

  • Gemma Clare
    Gemma Clare

    Holistic skin expert

World-wide shipping

Protecting you from the harms of blue-light all across the globe.

100-day refund

Not impressed? Get a refund. You have 100 days to break our hearts.

Created by optometrists

Made by eye-care experts and sleep therapists. No gimmicks here.


 To find the right size for your screen, we recommend that you measure it diagonally from each edge -  from the top left corner down to the bottom right corner. You can then find the right size according to the measurements we provide. For even more help, check out our diagram image on the product pages.

Our sticky tabs are essential for applying our filters to your computer or laptop screens. They allow you to apply the screen and to keep it fixed in place.

We currently only offer screen protectors with an infused privacy filter, allowing you to work in peace and protect your eyes from prying screens.

If we don’t offer your screen size, you can in fact buy a larger size and cut it down to fit. We do recommend that you use a stanley knife for the best fit - and of course, be careful!!

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