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The Benefits of Using a Computer Privacy Screen - Our Guide

A computer privacy filter is helpful in securing your personal data and confidential information from prying eyes. When setting it up on your computer, it makes the image on your computer screen only visible to you. People sitting, standing, or walking at angles without a direct view can only see either a distorted image or a completely blacked out screen. An Ocushield blue light filter for pc comes with a privacy feature.

In the following section, we’ll cover different types of computer privacy screens, what materials are used, and how the installation is done. Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits of using a computer privacy filter.

Computer privacy screen types for pc

Know that there is a wide range of computer privacy screens available in the market. Computer privacy screens, however, come in three different main types, as follows:

  • Laptop privacy screens

  • Monitor privacy screens

  • MacBook privacy screen

Materials and installation

When it comes to the use of a computer privacy screen, the materials used and the straightforward installation should be considered. Read below:

  • Materials: Computer privacy screens are usually made of thin sheets of plastic material. The filters typically consist of very small louvres, or panels aimed to distort the screen at any angle other than directly in front of the monitor. They are meant to cover your computer’s display.

  • Installation: You can use either transparent sticky tape or clips to install it. The first allows you to attach the filter on to your screen permanently while the latter is attached to the display and enables you to slide in and out the filter.

Benefits of computer privacy screen for pc

There are four main reasons to use a computer privacy screen. These are the following:

  • Privacy protection: It is a major advantage of using a computer privacy screen as it ensures the images on your computer screen remain private. It is all the more critical when you have to go through sensitive data in a public area or in an office environment where you want to minimize prying eyes.

  • Screen protection: This is an added benefit of using a computer privacy screen. This will protect your monitor’s screen from damages, such as scratches, fingerprints, and smudges that can happen easily, especially when others are using your device.

  • Anti-glare protection: The monitor glare is another concern with your computer screen. A computer privacy screen is typically treated with an anti-glare coating, making your laptop, CRT, or LCD monitor protected from glare.

  • Anti-blue light protection: Computer privacy filters for pc prevent significant amounts of blue light from being emitted from your screen and from reaching your eyes without affecting the visibility.

In today’s digital world, you can now find computers with a laptop privacy screen built-in. If there’s a need to protect sensitive data and information at work or in public, it makes sense to purchase a computer privacy screen to conceal your display’s content.

Know that computer privacy filters are very affordable, come in different sizes and styles, and have widescreen formats. Given the benefits outlined above, don’t wait any longer before you purchase a computer privacy filter!

Ocushield provides computer screen blue light filters to help you protect your eyes. Get in touch with us to see how we can help or shop today!

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