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Product Description

You can now have fresh feeling eyes at the end of a working day as well as falling into a natural restorative sleep when you’re ready to go to bed, allowing you to feel energised the next day. Ocushield is a screen protector that protects your eyes and sleep when you are looking at digital devices. All modern digital devices produce harmful blue light. This short wavelength light is known to cause eye strain and fatigue, as well as increase the likelihood of eye diseases. Blue light also suppresses the hormone melatonin, disturbing your sleep-wake cycle. Using Ocushield on your iPhone protects your eyes and sleep by cutting out the blue light transmittance, but allowing the non-harmful light through the screen to give you clear and normal images. Made by eye care professionals and sleep therapists.
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by Anita Heidi on Ocushield, iPhone
Purchased for my iPhone 5, can't wait for the iPhone 7 blue light filter

I've been using my Ocushield for my iPhone 5 for more than 3 months now and my eyes have been feeling so much better when looking at my iPhone. I am now waiting on the iPhone 7 as it is a pre-order then will start using my new phone(as I'm very careful about taking care of my device as well as myself)!

by Bella Stockwell on Ocushield, iPhone
iPhone blue light filter app night mode who? I have a better solution!

Since the release of the iPhone night mode app I have more knowledge of blue light and it's effects. I didn't like the orange glow the night mode gives the screen and was on the search for something that does the job without doing this. Ocushield is exactly that. I feel protected and able to use Ocushield on my phone all the time as it is a screen protector and doesn't need to be turned on or off. So guys if night mode annoys you, purchase an Ocushield for all your Apple devices!

by Jeannie Louella Swindlehurst on Ocushield, iPhone

In general the expereince wasn't great. As a person suffering from arthritis I find it hard to do things that require precision with your hands! The install instructions were good, but small text meant having to get my glasses to read. I had to get my son to help, it took him around five minutes to do which I should have done in the first place. I'm happy with the product but I wish it wasn't so hard to apply a screen protector.

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