Laptop ocushield blue light protection filter
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Blue light filter for computer screen


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Product Description

This product is 17′ (16:9 widescreen) and can be cut down to size for smaller laptop or computer screens. ( 365.7*228.6 mm, W X L)
  • Ocushield for computer and laptop screens up to 17′(cut to size if smaller than 17′) is a screen filter that protects our eyes when we are looking at our screens. All modern digital devices produce harmful blue light. This short wavelength light is known to cause eye strain, fatigue and headaches which most of us experience after a few hours looking at our screens. It also suppresses the hormone melatonin, disturbing our sleep-wake cycle. Ocushield protects your eyes and sleep by cutting out the blue light transmittance, but allowing the non-harmful light through the screen to give you clear and normal images. Developed, used and recommended by eye care professionals and sleep therapists.
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