Expert Approval

  • Dhruvin Patel

    Dhruvin Patel


  • Dr Saliha Afridi

    Dr Saliha Afridi

    Clinical psychologist

  • Dr Nikola Ragusa

    Dr Nikola Ragusa


  • Dr. Nikita Desai

    Dr. Nikita Desai


  • Rachel Clarkson

    Rachel Clarkson

    Dietician & Nutritionist

  • Gemma Clare

    Gemma Clare

    Holistic skin expert

Certified B-Corp

We care about the environment, communities and our workforce.

Ocushield meets the highest standards of social and environmental impact via the B Corp certification. Meaning we adhere to strict regulations to ensure our products are made sustainably, that we contribute profits to charities and that we pay our workforce fairly. We are glad to join businesses being a force for good.


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