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NEW: Anti-Blue Light Glasses


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Now shipping, Ocushield anti-blue light glasses at our special price of £29.99| UV Protection | Anti-Blue Light | Anti-Glare | Anti-Fog | Anti-Oil | Protect your eyes when looking at digital devices or from LED lighting around us. All modern digital devices and LED lighting produces harmful blue light. This short wavelength light is known to cause eye strain and fatigue, as well as to increase the likelihood of eye diseases. It also suppresses the hormone melatonin, disturbing our sleep-wake cycle. Ocushield anti-blue light glasses protects your eyes by cutting out the blue light transmittance, but allowing the non-harmful light through meaning less eye strain, dry eye, blurred vision and headaches. Perfect for professionals, gamers and children. These are one size fits all and a very trendy unisex style. Look super cool in the office or just at home! Frame measurements, front of frame 14cm, length of arm 13.9cm. Made by eye care professionals.


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