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6 Reasons To Block Blue Light

Negatively Effects Your Sleep

Increases Eye Strain

Can Cause Skin Inflammation

Can Damage Your Retina

Causes Headaches

Decrease Productivity

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The Eyequation

More time in front of screens = more blue light = more headaches + fatigue

“Blue light from devices is hazard to our eyes & wider health.”

“Smartphone overuse may ‘damage’ eyes”

“Terrible night’s sleep? Blame your mobile phone”

Medically Rated, Optometrist Created

“It is now conclusive that blue light emitted from sources such as screens and ambient lighting, can affect three main aspects of our health.”

Dhruvin Patel

Optometrist And Founder Of Ocushield

“The best way to prevent eye strain from digital devices is reducing their negative effects. I recommend Ocushield’s products to all of my patients who work in front of screens regularly.”

Dr Nikola Ragusa


“I believe one of the “must have” products of the digital age is a blue light screen protector. Blue light is causing havoc to our sleep cycles, as it suppresses the release of an essential hormone called melatonin”

Dr Saliha Afridi

Clinical Psychologist

“It is important to understand the effects of blue light because it is not only damaging to the eyes short term, but also long term. Short term blue light effects can make the eyes fatigued and dry.”

Dr. Nikita Desai

Sleep Expert

“We’ve all heard that phones and screens before bedtime are a big no! But do you know the science behind this? We have a helpful hormone in our body called melatonin, which is secreted in the dark, causing us to become tired & sleepy.“

Rachel Clarkson

Specialist Dietician & Nutritionist

“Blue light is not only given off by the sun but also by computer screens, smartphones, flat-screen televisions, and anything that has fluorescent and/or LED backlighting (which includes regular light bulbs btw!)”

Gemma Clare

Holistic Skin Expert

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Say No To Night Mode

The difference is night and day.

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with Ocushield

Shield Your Screens, Spare Your Eyes

Shield Your Screens, Spare Your Eyes

All Devices

Filters 99% of harmful HEV blue light that causes retinal damage and skin inflammation.

Blocks 52% of blue light that slows melatonin production and keeps you awake.

Optical-Grade True Tone Glass offers clear viewing free from distortions and orange tint.

iPhone and iPad

5x times stronger tempered glass than traditional screen protectors for lasting protection.

Anti-bacterial coating.

Protect Your Device

Join over 150,000+ pairs of Fresher Eyes

Shield Your Screens, Spare Your Eyes

"Easy To Install"

"It fits perfectly. The instructions were easy to follow and it was easy to install. Overall, my eyes feel better after long days on the computer, but I still need to give my eyes periods of rest. I would highly recommend the anti-blue light screen protector.""


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"I Feel The Quality"

"I need a medical grade to protect my retinas because they already have some medical difficulties. I feel the quality of this filter is excellent. It came with quality material to make sure the application was simple and professional. Definitely worth the price I paid which was also reasonable for my iPad Pro."


Verified Purchase

"I Sleep Better"

"I read on iPad in bed and I noticed since I bought this protector, that I sleep better. It also protects the screen from scratches etc. I plan to buy it for my new phone as well."


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"My Eyes Are Not Sore"

"This Anti blue light screen has made such a difference. My eyes are not sore after being on my IPad and I'm sleeping better as well. Thanks for such a great product, also easy to install."


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"Less Fog And Strain"

"Definitely feeling the benefits on my eyes! My eyes feel less fog and strain, and coupled with reduced screen time, I know my eyes are benefiting :)"


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"No more terrible eye strain and headaches"

"I just wish that I had ordered one of these screens ages ago. It is a huge relief to be able to use my computer again without terrible eye strain and headaches."


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Easy No Bubble Application Tray

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Macbook
  • Monitor


Use the cleaning wipe & microfiber cloth to clean & dry your screen.


Peel and stick the screen protector and frame firmly on your phone.


Peel back the arrow sticker to remove the frame. Your Done!


Use the cleaning wipe & microfiber cloth to clean & dry your screen.


Peel and stick the screen protector and frame firmly on your iPad.


Peel back the arrow sticker to remove the frame. Your Done!


Ensure your MacBook screen is clean for best results.


Line up th magnetic filter to your MacBook screen.


The magnetic strip will attach to the top of your MacBook screen.


Use the microfibre cloth to clean your screen. Use the dust stickers to remove any dust specs.


Apply the double sided stickers to the edge of your screen protector.


Line the screen protector with your computer device and remove the thin film of plastic labelled "front".

Before vs. After

Blue LIght

Trouble Sleeping

Inflamed Skin

Dry & tired eyes


Improved Sleep

Skin Protection

Headache Relief

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We Know You See Right Through Them


Blue Light Removed

No Color Distortion

Medically Rated

FDA & MHRA Accreditation

Optometrist Developed

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How much blue light do Ocushield Screen protectors block?
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