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What To Expect For The iPhone 8

    The iPhone is one of the most ubiquitous pieces of technology in the entire world, and smartphone enthusiasts are always excitedly awaiting news of the next version. The current version, the iPhone 7, was released in September 2016, and it’s successor, the iPhone 8, is expected to debut sometime this fall. While Apple hasn’t released any official details yet, there are plenty of rumors swirling about what we’ll see from their next model. Here’s what we know so far.

New Display

    This new iPhone is likely to look pretty different than what we’re used to. Taking some cues from other smartphone brands, such as Samsung, the new iPhone is going to have a full glass body with a full OLED display that covers the entire phone from edge to edge. The edges themselves will be curved for an easier grip and sleeker look. This is a bit of a departure from the current iPhone, which has more defined edges and an LCD screen. OLED screens don’t need the same amount of backlighting as an LCD screen, so they save energy. These displays also have a faster reaction time and brighter color than other types of displays.

iPhone 8 Rumors Weve Heard Min What the iPhone 8 could possibly look like

Glass Backing
    Apple will likely return to glass backing with the iPhone 8 for a sleek look. They have used glass displays in the past, but switched to aluminum for the last several models as it was more durable. However, this model will use higher quality glass that has been reinforced with a steel frame for better durability. The phone will likely also feature improved water resistance that builds on the developments started with the iPhone 7.

Improved Camera
    The iPhone and iPad are both known for their high quality cameras. With each new release, Apple gets closer to professional photo standards, and some of the previous iPhone cameras already provide better quality than some digital cameras on the market. The new iPhone 8 will likely feature an improved front-facing camera that is able to complete biometric processes, such as iris scanning or facial recognition. Apple has already included biometric elements in their previous phones with Touch ID, so it makes sense that they would want to expand on this with their newer models. Additionally, the camera will likely include image stabilization for all lenses to result in a higher quality photo. The camera will also be designed to support virtual reality technology, and will like have 3D photo capacity.

New Processor
    Apple typically improves their processing speed with each new smartphone release, and the iPhone 8 should be no exception. The new processor is the A11 chip, which will be much faster than the current A10 chip. It will also allow for better battery life and more efficient use of the phone overall.

USB-C Charging
    The new iPhone may feature USB-C charging instead of the lighting charger that’s been used in the last several models of iPhone. This would likely the device to charge much faster. The iPhone 8 may also have options to charge wirelessly. We don’t know yet exactly how far the wireless charging capabilities will reach - some have suggested long range wireless capabilities, while others are predicting only inductive style wireless charging.

Usb Connector Screenshot Comparison of USB type

Extensive Storage and RAM

    The iPhone 7 already comes in a 256 GB storage option, and this option is expected to also be available on the iPhone 8. Apple may offer even more memory with this new phone, but it seems unlikely at this point. Additionally, the iPhone may include NAND flash memory to increase the efficiency of the phone. All models of the iPhone 8 will include 3 GB of RAM to support more complex functions, particularly the camera. On top of that, the device is expected to have an improved battery life, but as of right now, there are no details as to how long it will last or how this will be executed.

    While there are no reports yet from Apple as to when the device will be ready or what features it will include, enthusiasts can likely expect an official announcement from the company in September, which is when most previous iPhone models have been released. The device is expected to be extremely expensive - some experts are speculating somewhere in the range of $1,250. Although it will be very pricey, the new developments that this phone will introduce will likely justify the cost for many consumers.

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