The Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors: Ocushield

The Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors: Ocushield

The Best iPhone 11 Screen Protectors - Ocushield

With the new phones outs already, it's important to find the best iPhone 11 screen protectors. The iPhone is a premium device, a fact that’s clearly portrayed by its price tag. So if you’re buying the iPhone 11, congratulations. For it’s no surprise that the latest iteration in this long list of models isn’t easy on your wallet. The entire point of owning an iPhone is to use it to its full potential. That’s why you need to safeguard your investment by using a screen protector. After all, it’s one bad drop away from a cracked screen, and as they say, better safe than sorry.

However, with all the different screen protectors out there, choosing one for your iPhone 11 can be an arduous task. But don’t fret, we are making it simple for you. There’s only one screen protector that’s good enough for your iPhone 11 – the Ocushield screen protector. Here’s why:

Protection from blue light

The displays of digital devices such as smartphones emit a lot of blue light, which has caused a lot of worries in the recent past. Exposure to blue light at night interferes with your body’s natural sleep and wake cycle. The mechanism behind this is specific photoreceptors in the eyes that signal the brain to suppress melatonin (sleep hormone) production. As a result, blue light delays the onset of sleep and can severely affect your overall sleep quality. This leads to insomnia and fatigue.

But that’s not all, night-time exposure to blue light over a long period of time poses a serious health risk. Continued disruption of your sleep could put you at risk of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular conditions and certain types of cancer. Blue light also has a direct effect on your eyes. It causes retinal damage and has been linked to digital eye strain.

That’s why Ocushield screen protectors not only protect your phone but also your health as they block blue light. It’s a product that was designed and developed by optometrists and is also an accredited Class 1 Medical Device. That means Ocushield boasts the honor of obtaining the world’s first and only medical rating for a screen protector. It’s a credit to the painstaking level of consideration and detail that was put in during production. All to guarantee maximum protection from the blue light emitted by your phone.

Crystal clear display

While Ocushield protects from the effects of blue light, it doesn’t affect the clarity of your display in any way. That’s because it uses a special coating that selectively filters out blue light allowing the most light to pass through unhindered. You don’t have to worry about the retro orange tinge that accompanies blue light filtering software and other screen filters. It’s a crystal-clear screen protector that preserves the full palette of colors on your iPhone’s display. The crisp quality of games, videos, and images offered by the iPhone 11’s fantastic display is therefore maintained.

Premium tempered glass

Just because Ocushield works wonders blocking blue light doesn’t mean your iPhone’s screen is left out. We make use of premium tempered glass that’s up to five times stronger than normal glass. It is resistant to the scratches that normally occur during the day to day use of your phone. So you don’t have to worry about those unsightly scratches that accumulate over time on inferior screen protectors.

Furthermore, it’s able to absorb substantial shock and pressure without cracking. In the event that your phone’s screen is subjected to enormous forces, the screen protector will break first. So the precious screen beneath it is spared. Finally, it comes with an oleophobic coating that protects your phone from the smudges that come with grubby fingers.

Easy installation

Applying a screen protector on a phone needs a surprising amount of precision. To make it simpler, our Ocushield screen protector is fully compatible with your iPhone 11. It fits perfectly over those 5.94-inches-by-2.98-inches dimensions and comes with an applicator included. You don’t have to worry about bubbles anymore. For additional help with applying the screen protector on your iPhone, check out our instructional video. It will take you through the correct application of an Ocushield screen protector, so you won’t have any difficulties.

Money-back guarantee

Our products are shipped worldwide and come with a 100-day money-back guarantee. This ensures that even in the unlikely event you aren’t satisfied with our screen protector, you can send it back. Once you do, you will be refunded the full amount. That should tell you just how confident we are in our products.