Sleep better with special smartphone apps

Sleep better with special smartphone apps

Here are a list of the applications you can download on your very own smartphone. There are a lot of awesome apps out there. What’s better than an app that can help you sleep better? So here’s our favorites to help better your sleeping pattern.


Sleep Genius

This aims to teach you how to fall asleep, without being dependent on white noise, or something similar. It aims to help fix sleeping patterns, and focuses more on sleep deprivation. It was developed after careful research into helping astronauts fall asleep. It has a gentle way of waking you up, with someone called Revive Cycle, which has soothing sounds to awaken you. It can even let you have a power nap! A nap that hopefully won’t have you feeling groggy after.

It is available on iOS for £2.99, and Android for free.

Sleep Cycle

This is a well known sleep app to again, help fix sleeping patterns. This tracks your sleeping pattern through sounds and plans to wake you up in your lightest sleep phase, using a 30 minute alarm window. The lightest phase of sleep is the natural waking point. It then allows you to view the data, to see how well you slept. You can change factors to have a better night sleep too.

This is available on iOS for 69p, and Android for 99p.


This was developed by a Professor of Sleep Medicine, and a Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Oxford. It uses an evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) sleep improvement programme.

t works quite differently from most other sleeping apps. You log in once a week, for a twenty minute session that is personalised to your needs. It teaches you cognitive and behavioural techniques which can help/improve your sleep.

t is available on iOS, it’s more of a subscription service. You pay £14.99 a week for weekly sessions (cancel at any time), or £99 for the full CBT course, with 12 weeks of support. For a year’s support, it’s £149, with a full CBT course. This is pretty pricey, but it even has reviews on NHS sites!

Simply Being

This is a meditation app, where it offers step by step voice guided session ranging from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. You can choose whether to have music, or nature sounds in the background. It differs from some other meditation apps by having the voice guide, which is a real hit with the insomniacs by providing relaxation, helping you to sleep better.

It is available on iOS for £1.49 and Android for £1.24

Sleep Pillow

This generates the beloved white noise, which help people fall asleep. There are over 70 sounds to choose from. It gives you the option of combining different sounds, such as wind and rain. It also has a sleep timer, alarm clock and runs in the background/while the screen is locked.

This is available on iOS and Android for £1.49.

Relax And Sleep Well By Glenn Harrold.

Again, a very different approach to the sleeping apps. It is based on hypnotherapy, providing a 29 minute hypnotherapy session which aims to ‘take you on a relaxing journey into the deepest levels of self-hypnosis’. It claims to help overcome insomnia, stress, anxiety and to give a good night sleep.

This app is free to purchase on iOS and Android, coming with two free hypnotherapy sessions. There are in-app purchases for other sessions available.

Universal Breathing - Pranayama

This is a guide based on the principles of yoga, which shows you how to do slow, meditative breathing. This in turn, claims to provide you with a better nights sleep by relaxing you before sleeping. It gives simple and structured breathing courses and also tracks your progress.

This app is available on Android for free, but has an upgraded version for a fee.

Yoga for Insomnia

This is based on Hatha yoga, which combines stress reducing techniques, and the effects of exercise. It says, if you follow the exercises on the app, you will ‘increase the mind’s ability to calm itself, helping to overcome insomnia’

This app is available on iOS for £2.99 and Android for £3.19

With so many apps to choose from, there’s no excuse that you aren’t getting a good sleep anymore!

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