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Our Complete Guide To Anti Blue Light Protective Devices

When it comes to protecting your health, blue light filters are a no brainer. Evidence continues to mount that shows this simple step has profound health benefits. That’s likely why you’re on our site; you know it’s time to stop the onslaught of harmful rays.

The questions you might now find running through your head...

  • What product should I choose?
  • Is a screen filter enough?
  • Should I stack the protection and wear glasses too?
  • What product is best for my situation?

In this article, we answer these questions and discuss our anti blue light protective devices. That way you can make the best decision to protect your health now and into the future.

Anti blue light screen protectors for iPhone and Samsung

Our screen filters are different from those at your local store; they are accredited Class 1 medical devices. They come embedded with anti-bacterial technology and science-backed technology that works.

And because every phone is different, we have created a range of blue light filter to match specific models perfectly, take a look at the iPhone and Samsung ranges. There’s no point having a screen too small to filter out the light. After all, that’s the point, right?

We also know that phone’s get dropped, a lot! So we’ve harnessed the safety of supreme tempered glass to protect your screen from breakage and shatter.

Plus, we know that bubbles suck! So you’ll find an easy applicator, cloth and dust removers, and full instructions. We also share video tutorials on our site.

Best use: The iPhone and Samsung anti blue light screen protectors allow you to permanently reduce your smartphone-related exposure. If you have one of these phones, you need a filter. That way whenever you scroll or dial, you’re shielded from harm.

Anti blue light screen protector for iPad

With hundreds of millions of iPads sold around the globe, there’s a good chance you own or use one. But these incredible tools are another source of blue light. Blue light is like smoking; one puff may be harmful but it’s the dose and frequency that matter. If you regularly spend time on an iPad, it should be protected by a correctly fitted blue light filter.

There are two ways we see iPad’s being used: for personal and business use. Let’s talk about these and the choices we see for best use of blue light blocking filters.

Personal use: If you or a loved one own the iPad you use, purchasing a filter for the device is sensible. This will reduce another ready source of blue light.

Business use: iPad’s have become an every day tool for many businesses, able to show presentations, process invoices, connect communication and accept payments. If you own a business, it’s worth considering the wise investment of purchasing filters for your iPad screens. This may lower staff headaches, diminish eye strain, improve productivity and reduce sick leave.

If you work in a business that utilises one or multiple unprotected iPad’s, you will be better served by a pair of blue light blocking glasses. That way you “wear your protection” and remain in control.

Anti blue light filter for the MacBook Air and Pro

Whether you’re a Mac or PC person, your screen emits blue light. But you need the right fit to ensure the best blue light blocking protection, so your choice of computer determines the filter you need.

Our MacBook Air and Pro filters offer the perfect sized option for Mac lovers. They attach to your screen, much like an iPhone or Samsung protector fits its phone. This means you no longer have the hassle of hanging bracket mounting that can result in snatched, lost or damaged screens.

If you have an Apple iMac 21.5" or Apple iMac 27", we’ve also got you covered.

As with our phone filters, our Mac versions are unique as accredited Class 1 medical devices. They, too, come with true colour technology for a crystal clear picture.

At Ocushield, we lead the class. We’ve also infused a privacy filter to stop prying eyes, anti-glare coating for reflection-free ease, and anti-bacterial coating, which is perfect for shared devices.

Our screen protectors come with a cleaning cloth and dust removers. They are easy to apply, and provide a choice of two methods, removable and semi-permanent. Naturally, we provide full instructions and a video tutorial.

Best to use: On your own MacBook Air or Pro, fitting a filter means ample protection every time you switch on your device. If the device you use is not your own and the owner is not interested in fitting an anti blue light filter, a pair of glasses will best suit your needs.

Anti blue light filter for laptop and computer screens

Are you a PC person? Or have a non-Mac laptop?

Our laptop and computer filters offer various size options so you can match your screen. They attach in the same way a protector fits its phone. This removes the hassle of old school hanging bracket mountings that can be snatched, lost or become damaged.

Our PC and laptop version is also unique as accredited Class 1 medical device. They block up to a staggering 90% of harmful blue light while retaining true colour and a crystal clear picture.

In our mission to provide the best user experience and protection, we’ve added a privacy filter to stop prying eyes, anti-glare coating for reflection-free ease, and anti-bacterial coating, which is ideal for shared devices.

Our protectors come with a cleaning cloth and dust removers. They are easy to apply, and provide a choice of two methods; removable and semi-permanent. We provide full instructions and a video tutorial.

Best to use: As with any computer, a filter means protection with every use. If the device is your own, fitting a blue light blocking screen is recommended. If the device you use is not your own, a pair of glasses will best suit your needs.

Anti blue light glasses

Have you considered wearing anti blue light glasses?

A screen filter blocks blue light at the point it leaves the device. This is wonderfully beneficial. However, there are various sources of blue light, which include fluorescent and LED lighting. This means your exposure also comes from indirect sources; those that are more difficult to block.

Ocushield’s glasses are FDA-approved and provide a crystal clear view. In line with our focus on leading technology, you’ll also benefit from anti-glare, anti-fog and full UV protection functions.

Our glasses are on trend. With a choice of three styles (including clip on), three colours (shiny black, clear white or tortoise shell), and magnification options (0, 1, 1.5, 2, 1.5, and 3), you’ll find the perfect fit.

Then, to ensure clarity and preservation, we include a hard case and cleaning cloth.

Suitable for men and women, you can see our glasses range here.

Best to use: This option is perfect if you switch screens often, use a range of monitors, view a screen that’s not easy to protect like a TV, or sit under fluorescent or LED lighting for extended periods of time. If you work in I.T, a call centre, are a journalist editor, or watch security screens, for example, glasses are often a better choice.

Oculamp - The blue light blocking lamp

blue light blocking lamp

Most bulbs emit blue light. This is harmful for your eyes, sight and skin and can cull the quality and length of your sleep. But it’s impossible to get through our days and nights without lighting.

Our low blue light desk lamp provides a much needed answer, providing illumination without the havoc.

With three settings, you can control for your desired level:

  • Cool white and super bright, for when you need your space lit up.
  • Neutral, calm white, for a gentler effect on your eyes. This is suitable for long periods of work.
  • Warm white, or our night mode. This is ideal for winding down in your evenings.

Oculamp is designed with simplicity in mind. It is portable so you can move it wherever you need. It functions by a touch-panel display for ease of use. It has a flexible base, is charged by micro-USB (included), and contains a lithium battery for 20 hours of light.

Plus, it’s gorgeous! Choose from silver + white, gold + white, or rose gold + white.

Best to use: We all need light to function, whether during the day or night. Oculamp’s setting options allow you to use this single light to safely control the brightness you need.

Blue light is particularly harmful towards the evening, where it can interfere with your sleep. This makes our lamp perfect for nighttime work and for reading in bed before you fall asleep.

Stacking your level of protection

We are sometimes asked whether there is a benefit to using multiple types of anti blue light protection. It’s a great question!

Should you wear glasses and use a laptop filter? Or opt for a lamp and a screen for your phone?

The short answer is: yes.

Blue light radiates from many sources; the sun, smartphones, computer screens, TV’s, eReaders, LED and fluorescent lights.

When you fit a filter to your phone, it is wonderful at halting your exposure from this device. But chances are good that you use a computer too...

Fitting a filter to your computer is a step we highly recommend, but there’s a good possibility that your office lights emit blue light, too...

There are no filters that can be applied to lighting, so wearing a pair of anti blue light glasses will limit your eye exposure to all light sources...

But when you head to bed to read, you might feel uncomfortable wearing specs. This is the ideal time to flick on your lamp and read a book on your protected tablet screen.

The product or products you need will depend on the sources and length of blue light exposure and whether you are able to protect devices directly. Whatever your circumstance, use this guide to make the best decision to protect your health now and for the future.


Dhruvin Patel

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