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As we continue on our mission to help live more comfortably with technology, we want to make sure this is happening at the workplace as well as at home. After all, work is where many of us are spending up to a third of our day (if not more!), and also where we are often facing an overuse of digital devices.

Did you know that blue light from screens causes dry and fatigued eyes, as well as having a knock on effect on our sleeping routine and productivity? Whether you work off a smartphone, laptop, tablet or monitor, Posturite can help you find the right Ocushield blue light blocking products for you and your team.

If you’re an employee who would like to experience the effects of reduced blue light exposure and a more restful sleep, speak to your HR representative about how Posturite can help you bring Ocushield into your workplace. If you’re an employer, Ocushield’s blue light filtering solutions and Posturite’s expertise in the field can ensure the running of a healthier and more productive business environment.


From humble beginnings similar to our own, Posturite know what it means to make every person count, ensuring that they are happy and healthy at work. With an accessible and approachable customer service team, whether via their online resources, over the phone or face-to-face, Posturite is able to find a suitable arrangement for your work needs.

Let’s make the harmful effects of blue light at work something worth talking about – when did you say that next meeting with HR was?

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October 21, 2020

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