iPhone 7, whats new and why you need an Ocushield bluescreen protector

iPhone 7, whats new and why you need an Ocushield bluescreen protector

iPhone 7, whats new and why you need an Ocushield blue screen protector

What to Expect From The iPhone 7

    • Every year, Apple releases a highly anticipated upgraded new version of their popular iPhone. This year, the iPhone 7 released on September 16th, and the long anticipated wait for the phone’s details is finally over. Potential buyers can now browse through pictures and videos of what the phone looks like after months of anticipation. As predicted, the iPhone 7 has a new design for the exterior, as well as upgrades to interior processing functions. Here are some of the new features and changes that are a part of the iPhone 7.

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Thin Exterior

    • The design of the iPhone 7 is fairly similar to that of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, which are the two most recent iPhone models on the market. As previously expected by tech experts, Apple has decided to continue to offer two sizes of the iPhone, the original and the Plus, which is larger and offers some additional features. It also comes in several different colors, including rose gold, gold, silver, black, and glossy jet black.

However, the design is somewhat thinner and sleeker than the current iPhone. Although it was thought before the release that Apple might make the cameras on the phone flush, they do protrude from the phone, and are actually much larger because they have dual lenses, which makes for more photography possibilities. The thin, sleek design is very aesthetically appealing and comfortable to use, as well as being highly functional.

The iPhone 7 different models and exterior, iphone 7 blue screen

Upgraded Processor

    • Fans can also expect to see a much faster processor from the iPhone 7. Apple has typically upgraded their processors with every new update. The processor was predicted to be a next generation A10 processor, according to Macrumors.com, and this turned out to be true. With these more powerful processors, users will be able to do more work with their phone, more efficiently. Storage space has been significantly increased as well, with the smallest models starting at an upgraded 32 GB, and the largest models having a whopping 256 GB of storage.

Better Camera for iPhone Plus

    • If you prefer a larger screen for your phone, you’ll be in luck when it comes to camera quality. Although it is said that the original sized phones will keep the same camera system, the iPhone 7 Plus will use a new camera that will capture better image quality, even in low lighting. It will have two cameras, one with an optical zoom feature to create better, more life-like images that will be perfect for avid Instagram users. It does this because each camera is set to capture different colors, and then combines them to create one stunning image.

iPhone camera breakdown, iphone 7 blue screen

Pressure-Sensitive Home Button

    • Instead of having a home button that protrudes or presses inward, the home button on the new iPhone will be completely flush with the screen. It will work by sensing the pressure of your fingertip on the screen, but you won’t actually have to press a button. This adds to the sleek look of the design.

No Headphone Jack

    • In order to make the new iPhone even sleeker and slimmer, Apple is taking the headphone jack off of the iPhone 7 model. Instead, Apple will be promoting their own brand of Lightning headphones that will connect via a special port, and headphones with bluetooth will be able to connect wirelessly. This is one of the biggest changes that Apple is making with this new phone.

Increased Water Resistance

    • Each new iPhone model over the past several years has focused on resisting damage that comes from water and impact, and many other smart phone brands have jumped on this bandwagon and are making their phones water-resistant as well. The iPhone 7 has more water resistance, which will enable you to use it outdoors in bad weather or near the water without worrying. However, you will still need a good case and screen protector to ward off any more damage. The Ocushield iphone 7 blue screen protector is a great choice for the iPhone 7, because it manages the blue light rays put off by the phone that can be harmful to your eyes, and it also keeps the screen completely protected as well. With such a beautiful and delicate phone, you want to ensure that it is kept in great condition.

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