How to reduce blue light on your iPhone

How to reduce blue light on your iPhone

It's easy to forget about the dangers of blue light. If you're like most people, you’re busy making money and living life. Who has time to figure out how to reduce blue light on your iPhone? Well, let us help!

We’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll go over how to protect your eyes, and your overall health, by using an effective blue light filter on your iPhone. We’ll also talk about the benefits of using Ocushield to improve your sleep, overall health, and even your skin.

Why reduce blue light?

When you are protected from the impact of blue light on your health, your eyes are healthy, you sleep better, you feel better, and you get more done. By reducing blue light on your iPhone, you are taking care of so much more. Your eyes are everything, and they need taking care of! But don’t forget all the other health benefits of reducing blue light.Blue light and your healthBy now, most of us are aware of the damage blue light is doing to our eyes. It can cause eye strain, cataracts and can contribute to macular degeneration. Yikes! But it gets worse. The high-frequency waves coming from your device changes your circadian rhythm resulting in difficulty falling asleep and poor quality sleep. Your body interprets blue light as morning light and adjusts your hormones accordingly. Sleep gets disturbed and, over time, poor sleep leads to a host of health problems. The bottom line is that you won’t be at your best. Your work and your play will suffer!

Blue light is there, every time you stare at your iPhone, it’s sending high-frequency waves into your eyes and skin and doing real damage. Yes! Throw in that blue light also prematurely ages your skin, causing age spots and wrinkles, and it starts to make sense how important it is to reduce the blue light from your iPhone.

How can you reduce blue light on your iPhone easily?

It’s easy to put off seeking out the solution to a problem that you cannot see or feel. Especially if the solution is a lot of work and leaves your iPhone with an annoying orange tint. With Ocushield, the image is clear and the tone comfortable and relaxing - sounds good, right?

Ocushield was designed and developed by optometrists in the UK. It is also one of the few screen protectors that have been approved as an accredited, Class I Medical Device by an executive regulatory agency in the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK, the same agency that licensed the first vaccines for COVID-19. Don’t waste your valuable time or risk your health on less vetted products. Go straight to the top of the pack and use the proven way to reduce blue light on your iPhone by using Ocushield.

Night shift orange screens

Plus, unlike apps and settings such as “Night Shift”, it doesn’t discolour or dull the screen! Who has the time to tab through the settings to figure out how to turn the app on, like with Night Shift? Apply the screen and you are done! No orange colour that shifts on or off as the sun sets, just a soft, easy-on-the-eyes, protective, clear sheet that protects you all day long.

How easy is it to reduce blue light on your iPhone with Ocushield?

We have developed a guide box that makes your one-time application a snap! Done in minutes and placed exactly where it belongs the first time - say goodbye to bubbles! This is something you only have to do once, and you’ll never look back. From the instant you apply the Ocushield blue light filter on your iPhone, you’ll see more clearly, and protect your delicate eyes.

What are the benefits of an Ocushield blue light filter?

You get all of the benefits of reducing your exposure to blue light; less eye strain, better sleep, increased productivity and better health, with no hassle. Other products leave you with bubbles, crooked protective sheets, messy application or complicated setting instructions that will make your eyes cross! Not Ocushield. It’s proven to be effective in filtering blue light. It’s super easy to apply - and you’ll also protect your screen!

Many of us are on our devices 10 or more hours a day. Work is stressful enough without having to think about the dangers of blue light. The science and the research are in - blue light can harm your eyes, interfere with your sleep, damage your skin, and affect your health. Take those few minutes to quickly and easily reduce your risk with Ocushield.

Here are the benefits:

  • Reduces eye strain
  • Improves sleep
  • Protects your skin
  • Improves your health

Let’s dive into how these benefits allow you to lead a healthier life with technology...

Eye strain

Ocushield reduces eye strain

Blue light is a higher frequency wave that is similar to ultraviolet light. We all understand the importance of protecting our eyes from the harmful effects of the ultraviolet light in the sun’s rays, but we don’t all yet have the same concern for the blue light waves that are emitted from our devices when we are indoors. Yet, they have a similar effect on the eyes. Blue light acts like ultraviolet light from the sun, which can also strain your eyes, cloud your lens with cataracts and may even contribute to macular degeneration!

Ocushield blue light filter improves sleep

Ocushield improves sleep

Blue light also messes with your circadian rhythm. Have you ever noticed that you have trouble falling asleep after spending a long time on your iPhone? Everyone loves to blame work-related stress, but it could also be your hormones working against you! Blue light fools your body into thinking that it’s the morning and that it’s time to rise and shine. So your brain gives you a shot of cortisol to help you start your day, the problem is that you should be getting a shot of melatonin instead.

Melatonin is the hormone that helps with a good, restful night’s sleep. Blue light will lower your melatonin and increase your cortisol, the opposite of a good night’s sleep.

Sleep is one of those things that we all take for granted until we don’t have it anymore. Poor sleep results in a host of problems that will wear you down faster than just about anything. In just a few days of poor sleep, there can be an increase in your blood sugar, your blood pressure and yes, you will be cranky and no fun to be around. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to good health. Poor sleep has even been shown to cause increased weight gain. Let’s all agree that putting on a blue light screen filter is much easier than avoiding chocolate.

Ocushield protects your skin

Just like ultraviolet rays damage skin, so does blue light. Worried about the fine wrinkles around your eyes? Then you might want to reduce your exposure to the damaging rays of the sun, and blue light from digital screens that also damage your skin.

Once you install the Ocushield blue light filter, your face will be protected from the harmful blue light emitted by your iPhone.

Using Ocushield's blue light filter improves your health

Ocushield improves your health

With all the above benefits, it’s clear that installing a blue light filter on your iPhone can improve your health. You’ll be sleeping better, with less eye strain and headaches, as well as protecting your skin against damaging blue light. There’s really no simpler way to eliminate the risk of blue light than with tested and proven Ocushield filters.

Ocushield is the answer to reducing blue light on your iPhone. It’s easy to apply to your device, and you can start feeling its benefits immediately. Is there anything else that you can do, just once, that will provide all the health benefits of an Ocushield screen protector? We don’t think so.

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