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How To Find The Best Blue Light Glasses

Anti blue light glasses have a wealth of benefits. But with so much choice of blue light protecting products, how can you choose the right one? Whether it’s sending messages to friends, browsing eCommerce sites or organising our finances online, we all spend time looking at screens. We spend over four hours a day on our mobile phones, on average. This means that protecting our eyes using blue light glasses is a smart and often crucial investment.

While this digital revolution is changing the way we live our lives, we need to make sure that our bodies are keeping up with the changes. Blue light screen protectors can help our eyes in so many ways, but most importantly, it can help our sleeping pattern. A lack of sleep or interrupted sleep can have a damaging effect on our everyday lives and protecting eyes before bed is essential. Using blue light glasses can keep your mind and body healthier.

Blue Light Glasses

While researching products, you’ll find a variety of different blue light glasses available. You need to find the best blue light glasses which work for you. We’re all different people and what works for some people won’t work for others. So, here’s an overview of the main types of blue light glasses you can get your hands on:

  • Anti Blue Light Glasses

Many years ago, blue light glasses use to have an orange tint. Thankfully, now we’ve designed some much more fashionable looking glasses. There are different styles and colours to suit each individual. The important thing is to check that there are plenty of reviews which recommend the product and that it outlines all of the benefits of the product.

Many people who have invested in blue light glasses have felt the benefits — and not only for their eyes. They have also become more aware of how much time they spend on their screens. If you put the glasses on every time you’re looking at a screen, you are likely to realise just how much time you spend on a phone or laptop.

  • Clip-On Blue Light Glasses

Do you already wear glasses? The thought of wearing blue light glasses on top of glasses is not appealing (the problem occurs when watching films in 3D as well!). Thankfully, the expert team at Ocushield has created some great clip-on blue light glasses, so you don’t need to worry about wearing two pairs of glasses. It’s the perfect solution.

  • Other Forms of Blue Light Screen Protectors

Not everyone likes wearing glasses or feels comfortable wearing them. We respect and understand this, have created a superb range of products which can block out blue light — without having to wear glasses.

At Ocushield, we have blue light screen protectors for the following products:

  • iPhones

  • Samsung Phones

  • iPads

  • Macbooks

  • Laptops (variety of screen size options available)

How to Find the Best Blue Light Glasses

  • Do I use multiple products? If so, anti-blue light glasses are the best option, as you can use them every time you use a different device.

  • How much blue light is blocked? Products will vary with how much blue light they restrict. The most restrictive one isn’t necessarily the best, because you don’t want to lose the clarity of the images on your screen.

  • Who am I buying the product from? Are they a specialised stockist? Do some research about who you are buying the product from. Ocushield products have helped countless screen users, having been created by a professional optician and featured in many publications.

  • Is there a guarantee? What if the glasses don’t fit or break? Always check for a good returns policy.

  • How long will the product last? If you use a product every day, find out how long the quality of blocking out the blue light will last. Our Ocushield products, for example, are built to last and designed to be used every day, making them a smart investment.

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