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Blue Light Therapy - Extended Uses In Healthcare

Blue light is often thought of as a negative thing - it can have detrimental effects on our eyes as well as our sleep cycle when absorbed in large amounts. However, it can actually be extremely beneficial in the healthcare. Many health professionals are now turning to blue light to sterilise equipment and keep people healthier by killing bacteria.

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One of the most common forms of blue light therapy in the health community is using blue light to kill the bacteria that causes acne. Acne is a very common skin condition that affects most people in some form or another during their lives. While it can often be managed just with a good skincare regimen, there are many people that suffer from acne that is completely outside their control. In these cases, it helps to use a more intense treatment such as blue light therapy.Many dermatologists now offer blue light therapy for acne in their offices. During these treatments, the affected areas are exposed to blue light, which kills the bacteria and reduces inflammation. Many people see results very quickly because the skin stops compensating to get rid of the bacteria and the redness and swelling goes down. This treatment is often paired with a red light treatment, which stops inflammation. Many brands are now also starting to release at-home devices that use blue light to treat acne.

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there have recently been successful clinical trials that use blue light to kill harmful stomach bacteria. Blue light can also be used to help wounds heal faster, because it kills the bacteria inside that can cause problems. Clinical trials for these innovations are very important, because in order for these treatments to be successful, they must use the right wavelengths, something that needs to be tested and adjusted for maximum performance.
    Additionally, blue UV light is used to sterilise equipment in the health field. It is very important in a professional health setting that clean and sterile equipment is used to prevent the spread of disease. Many health settings are now starting to use blue light sterilisers on surfaces such as bed tables, cabinets, door handles, and more. This keeps the environment sterile for both the professionals and all patients, which makes it easier for nurses and doctors to work confidently without fear of contracting a bacterial infection.

    In the future, blue light may even be used to clean surfaces at home, as well as in workplaces and schools. High traffic areas that many people touch, such as doors, hand rails, and counter surfaces, could easily be cleaned using blue light, making public spaces much safer and making the jobs of janitorial staff much more efficient. Although this is not common practice yet, we are excited to see where this goes in the future.

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      • There are many possibilities when it comes to using blue light to keep people safe and protect against the spread of disease, as well as treat people who are already suffering. The impacts of UV light on the cell are highly intriguing to scientists, and we can expect blue light cleaning treatments to become a regular part of our lives in the future.

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