Dhruvin Patel, Founder of Ocusheild

A New Chapter for Ocushield: A Note from Dhruvin Patel, Founder

It’s been a big year for all of us at Ocushield!

As you know, we’re dedicated to developing products which help you live more comfortably with your technology - and we’ve been hard at work ensuring that our products deliver on that vision!


Dhruvin Patel, blue light screen protector founder

Ocushield started as a simple idea following a dissertation project back in 2014, exploring the harmful effects of blue light on eye physiology and the circadian rhythms our bodies rely on to sleep restfully and wake up fresh. We’ve come a long way since then.

To date we have helped over 50,272 customers protect their eyes from harmful blue light - that’s 100,544 healthier, happier eyes! Among those are players from the Welsh International Rugby team and West Ham UTD football club, as well as numerous businesses and universities who are invested in providing better working and learning environments for their employees and students respectively.

Medically Rated

And just this year we received a Class 1 medical rating from the MHRA, making us the first screen protector brand ever to be considered a qualified medical product. I honestly couldn’t be prouder.

Dhruvin Patel, Founder of Ocushield.com

But this is just the beginning, and we’re so excited about Ocushield’s potential to improve the lives of so many people around the world. To help us reach more people with this message,

I’m happy to this week unveil a complete rebrand, new website, and packaging which we believe will capture the imaginations of those looking to protect their eyes, improve their sleep and kickstart their day to day performance.

This includes clearer communication, quality-assuring design and all the certification and information needed to help our customers feel confident that they’re investing in the right product, and in turn investing wisely in their own health.

Charity Partnership

Charity, Dhruvin Patel

I am equally excited to announce our year-long partnership with Fight For Sight, a charity which has been a leading light in eye health research, and who have dedicated themselves to improving the lives of the visually impaired through ongoing research, fundraising and support. At Ocushield, we want to encourage governments and stakeholders to increase research in the blue light space, and to the role of technology in the continued development of our understanding of eye health.

To begin this journey, we will be contributing £1 from every sale of Ocushield directly towards Fight For Sight’s pioneering research into how technology can improve the lives of those suffering from visual impairment. We believe that technology has huge potential in this space, and have always been committed to improving our relationship with the technology we use every day.

Thank you

Finally, thank you for your interest in Ocushield, our products and the work we do. It’s only with the continued support of our global community that we’re able to pursue opportunities like these, to grow the brand, and to impact the lives and wellbeing of so many.

It’s been a big year, and we can’t wait to get started on the next chapter for Ocushield!


Dhruvin Patel, MCOptom

Optometrist & Founder

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