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Dhruvin Patel

This is Dhruvin

Dhruvin developed Ocushield as part of a university competition.
Guess who won?

It all started with a dissertation… which led to a research project… which led to the products we sell today.

Since then, Dhruvin has qualified as an optometrist and won over 82,526 customers. That’s 165,052 healthier, happier, better-sleeping eyes.

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He knows his eyes, and he cares about yours.

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Meet some of the founding team

Clinicians including optometrists and sleep practitioners as well as customer pleasers. Don’t their eyes look nice and healthy?

Ocushield team

Our Manifesto

Your eyes are everything

When your eyes are healthy, you sleep better, you feel better, you get more done. By taking care of your eyes, you take care of so much more.

+ Protect them now

And they need taking care of

Because with so many backlit screens and digital devices, we put our eyes under far more strain than we ever used to. On their own, they can’t keep up.

+ Learn more about blue-light

Someone in the world goes blind every five seconds.

Here at Ocushield, we want to help. We donate £1 for every order to Fight For Sight who are the leaders in eye research. Our funding will directly contribute towards research exploring how technology can be used to help the lives of people living with visual impairment. With Fight For sight, we’re here to create a future everyone can see.

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