No more bad-shading computers! But without becoming too serious, or losing the sense of bounce or energy.

Modern work doesn’t work without screens. But the bad effects of all that blue light can have a big, bad effect on productivity.

The way we do business has evolved so, so much. Our eyeballs? Not so much.

All that time in front of screens overworks the eye muscles, and exposes us to more blue light than we can handle. That can lead to eye strain.

Which can lead to other bad eye things… blurriness… dry eyes… difficulty focusing… double vision. Which can lead to headaches… dizziness… not feeling great… and just not being able to get much done.

As many as 90% of office workers get symptoms like these. We’re on a mission to bring that number down to zero.

By designing products that filter out the bad things from screens, but not the need to use them.

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