True colours

True colours

Privacy Filter

Privacy Filter

Premium blue light filter

Premium blue light filter

Fresher feeling eyes

Fresher feeling eyes

Sleep better

Sleep better

Instant headache relief

Instant headache relief

Anti-bacterial Technology

Anti-bacterial Technology

Developed by Optometrists

Developed by Optometrists

Blue light filter computer screen What’s that all about?

Computer blue light, it's a modern day menace - filter it

That’s why we created Ocushield’s range of blue light blocking computer screen screen protectors for laptops and monitors.


What's in the package of the eye protector for computer screens?

Expert Approved Blue Light Protection For All Eyes

  • Dhruvin Patel

    Dhruvin Patel


  • Dr Saliha Afridi

    Dr Saliha Afridi

    Clinical psychologist

  • Dr Nikola Ragusa

    Dr Nikola Ragusa


  • Dr. Nikita Desai

    Dr. Nikita Desai


  • Rachel Clarkson

    Rachel Clarkson

    Dietician & Nutritionist

  • Gemma Clare

    Gemma Clare

    Holistic skin expert

World-wide shipping

Protecting you from the harms of blue light all across the globe.

100-day refund

Not impressed? Get a refund. You have 100 days to break our hearts.

Created by optometrists

Made by eye-care experts and sleep therapists. No gimmicks here.


 To find the right size screen protector, we recommend that you measure it diagonally from each edge — from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. This will give you the measurement you need to choose from our dropdown menu. For more help, check out the diagrams on this page.

To apply our blue light blocking filters to your device, sticky tabs are essential. These allow you to keep the protector fixed in place.

Our screen protectors for laptops and monitors are designed with an infused privacy filter, allowing you to work in peace and preventing others from checking out your screen.

If you can’t find the right size for your laptop, PC or monitor, you can buy a larger one and cut it down to fit properly. We recommend that you use a stanley knife to ensure best fit — of course, be careful!

We offer free worldwide shipping when you spend over £44.99 (or $62.99)

USA: $5.00 (USD). Items take 3 days on average to arrive, but can take up to 6 in some circumstances. Shipped from local fulfilment centres in the USA.

UK: £1.95 (GBP). Items take 2 days on average to arrive, but can take up to 4 in some circumstances. Shipped from local fulfilment centres in the UK.

Canada: $6.99 (CAD). Items can take up to 10 working days to arrive, 5 on average. Shipped from the USA.

AU: $6.99 (AUD). Items can take up to 20 working days, 110 on average. Shipped from the UK.

EU: €3.95 (EUR). Items can take up to 10 working days, 65 on average. Shipped from the UK.

Rest of the World: $7.00 (USD). Items can take up to 20 working days, 7 on average. Shipped from the UK. 

Express and Next-day delivery options are also available.

Dip a microfiber cloth in a solution of water and vinegar (use less water than vinegar), then apply the damp cloth to the sticky surface.

Let the solution rest on the screen for a couple of minutes so that it can dissolve the adhesive effectively.

Now, you can easily rub off the sticky residue using the cloth.

Glare happens when there is harsh lighting around us, coming from sun-light through a window or a bright artificial light source above or around us. Anti glare computer screen products like Ocushield's can stop glare happening so you can see whats on your monitor, computer, pc or laptop screen without any trouble.

Yes, Ocushield blue light filters also work as a privacy screen for monitors and laptops meaning sneaky people cannot see your screen from the side. As well as this the anti-bacterial, glare and blue light features make it the swiss army knife of screen filters.

We do have laptop screen filters up to 16 inches, please look at the size guide to find what is the best filter to fit your laptop.

The laptop screen filter and protector works to protect your laptop at the same time. Worried about dropping items on your screen and scratching them? This filter has you covered.

A pc emits blue light which is harmful to our eyes and sleep - a blue light filter can filter the harmful blue light meaning you can have fresher feeling eyes and better sleep after pc screen use.

There are numerous ways to limit blue light on a pc, from software, physical filters, glasses and dimming the light on the screen it self. With the Ocushield filter you can reduce the blue light without turning your screen orange unlike software which tends to make colours distorted.

This privacy screen protector can fit multiple iMac sizes, including 21.5, 24 and 27 inches.

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