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Ocushield for the iPad


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You can now have fresh feeling eyes at the end of a working day as well as falling into a natural restorative sleep when you’re ready to go to bed, allowing you to feel energised the next day. Ocushield is a screen protector that protects your eyes and sleep when you are looking at digital devices. All modern digital devices produce harmful blue light. This short wavelength light is known to cause eye strain and fatigue, as well as to increase the likelihood of eye diseases. It also suppresses the hormone melatonin, disturbing your sleep-wake cycle. Ocushield protects your eyes and sleep by cutting out the blue light transmittance, but allowing the non-harmful light through the screen to give you clear and normal images. Made by eye care professionals and sleep therapists.
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by Yin Wang on Ocushield for the iPad
Anti blue light ipad screen protector that works

Ocushield's anti blue light iPad screen protector is the only one that I have tried in comparison to cheap alternatives available that works. Instantly felt a difference and also very easy to install. Shipping was also very quick, I am based in Singapore. I trust in the technology and the team behind this genius creation! P.S This is my third purchase of a "blue light" filtering product.

by Ewen Dhubhghaill on Ocushield for the iPad
Missing application tools but generally ok

My order came without application tools which are suppoused to be included. This meant I had to wait untill I got a replacement sent by Ocushield. So a few days later than expected I was able to apply the iPad Air 2 blue light filter. It was worth the wait because I do feel like it helps and am happy to let the children use the iPad in the evening because of the blue light protection. I wish this product came with two screen protectors like the iPhone Ocushield models do as I had to buy another for my older iPad Air.

Best screen protector for ipad mini retina

I have tried multiple screen protector for ipad mini retina, this by far has to be the best. Protects my screen and I sleep better at night. Please can you make a blue light screen protector for Samsung tablets I also need one for this! Thank you.

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