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Blue Light Filter for Computer Screens and PC’s to Help Employees’

By November 7, 2017 No Comments
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Are you a business owner, procurement manager or an employee? The chances are that you and your employees’ are spending over 10 hours on average staring at digital screens each day. This will have detrimental effects to your eyes, sleep quality and general health. Firstly, the significant amount of time staring at screens is known to contribute to digital eye strain, a condition that causes physical discomfort in the eyes, which 63% of people say they have experienced. The often-debilitating symptoms of digital eye strain include; headaches, sore eyes, sore neck, double vision, extreme fatigue, difficulty to keep your eyes open and an inability to concentrate. A blue light filter for computer screens may be a solution.

Studies have also proven that too much exposure to blue light may damage light-sensitive cells within the retina. This has been linked to macular degeneration, a condition that may lead to permanent loss of vision. Finally, over-exposure to blue light is particularly dangerous to individuals who have undergone cataract surgery, as removal of the eye’s natural lens also removes the only area of the eye that is able to block some blue light. Therefore, many companies have opted to purchase a blue light filter for computer screens within their business to protect employees’ eyes.

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Impact of Blue Light on Sleep

Continuous use of digital can also have a significant impact on you and your employees’ sleep quality.  This is because light from our devices is ‘short-wavelength-enriched’, which means it has a larger concentration of blue light than natural light and blue light affects levels of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin more than any other wavelength.

The reduced levels of melatonin lead to poorer sleep quality, which leads to disruption of the body’s circadian rhythm (our natural body clock).  Disruption to the circadian rhythm ultimately means that the individual will suffer from poorer sleep quality, take a longer time to fall asleep and experience fatigue throughout the day.  Unsurprisingly, sleep deprivation has been proven to negatively affect output, which is supported by the fact American companies lose $63.2 billion per year due to lost productivity.  Consequently, the impact blue light causes to sleep is why businesses are buying a blue light filter for computer screens within their offices.

In addition to productivity, lack of sleep from extensive blue light exposure can also impact general health.  Numerous studies have shown substantial evidence to suggest blue light is linked to certain types of cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease and obesity.  These are just a few of the harmful conditions that may affect staff due to blue light over-exposure and will ultimately result in a higher number of employees taking time off work.

So, if an impact on productivity is not enough to cause employers concern about blue light exposure, then we are sure a higher risk of employees taking extended sick leave will!  Overall, damage to eyes, poor productivity and increased illness in employees are all reasons why managers have purchased a blue light filter for computer screens/PC within their offices.

If you are experiencing problems with sleep at night then and want to know how to sleep better at night then we have written a blog that can help you

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We are sure that you have now made your decision as to whether your employees require a blue light filter for computer screens, so where can you purchase them?  Posturite LTD is a company that specializes in helping employers and employees to improve productivity at work by improving ergonomics.  Ergonomic equipment is sold on the website which assists in improving; satisfaction, performance, comfort as well as health and safety.  In addition to equipment, Posturite LTD educates businesses to improve ergonomics by creating a comfortable working environment and training employees to practice good ergonomics themselves (such as working with good posture).

Additionally, Posturite LTD focus on ‘agile working’.  Agile working turns work environments from an office, to a series of activities which values output over input.  The agile working services that Posturite LTD specialize in are; active working, hot-desking, space management, homeworking, remote working and travel safety.  It is recommended that businesses follow agile working practices in order to see a significant increase in productivity. Productivity increase within these agile environments is due to; reduced absenteeism (not attending work for poor reasons), better work-life balance, increased loyalty, greater creativity, improvement in health and resilience to changing markets.

Excitingly, Posturite LTD has now started selling Ocushield’s very own blue light filters for computer screens.  The filters fit a vast array of PC screen sizes (17”, 19”, 21.5” and 23”) and are available to order now from the Posturite LTD website.  Posturite LTD is also selling one of our Ocushield best-sellers, the anti-blue light glasses.  These glasses do not just look great, but will also protect your employees’ eyes from dangerous blue light at all times!  Since many Ocushield customers opt to wear their glasses outside of work as well, the anti-blue light glasses would continue to protect your employees’ eyes after leaving the office.  As you are unable to control how your employees interact with digital devices outside of work (it is recommended to shut down all devices two hours before sleeping for a good night sleep), the next best thing is to ensure they are safeguarded after they leave.

Anti-Blue Light Glasses


A woman wearing Ocushield blue light glasses that prevent damage caused by blue light emitted from digital devices

In addition to selling physical means to create agile working spaces and improve ergonomics, Posturite LTD also runs a blog to keep employers updated with new ways to improve productivity, offer face-to-face services (such as fire safety awareness) and e-learning courses (such as Data Protection Act employee training).  Finally, Posturite LTD run events and webinars throughout the year to display their latest ergonomic innovations and educate employers about increasing productivity within the workplace.

Overall, companies must focus on improving productivity within their firm by focusing on developing an agile working environment that incorporates good ergonomics to reach maximum output levels.  Two of the key themes throughout studies discussing companies with high productivity levels are sleep quality and the general health of employees.  By purchasing Ocushield products (such as a blue light filter for computer screens/PC), you are caring for your employees’ general health, eyesight and sleep quality.  With the number of sick days taken rising each year (137 million sick days were taken in the UK in 2016) and workforce stress levels (which negatively impacts productivity) at an all-time high, is this an investment your business can afford to miss? Interested?

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I'm Dhruvin - the creator of Ocushield. I'm also a qualified optometrist and with the help of a team of clinicians, I have researched and developed Ocushield products whilst at City university, London. Ocushield products have served over 50,000 customers. That’s over 100,000 healthier, happier, better-sleeping eyes.