Choosing between different screen protectors

Since way back in 1968, screen protectors have been recognised as a technological must. The amount of different screen protectors has vastly increase in the last decade. The first screen protector was created to protect television screens. While the idea of adhering a screen protector to your flat screen TV may now seem ridiculous, the need for screen protectors has become far greater, if in a very different sphere. Since touch screen devices came into being, still in the days of styluses, we’ve wanted to protect them from scratches, fingerprints, and dirt. But, there’s also one more danger that can no longer be ignored - blue light. The market for blue light filtering screen protectors has boomed, but what have the improvements been, and what should you be looking to buy?

OtterBox Screen Protectors

The cute sounding OtterBox, aside from being very durable protection against cracks and scratches, has a couple of options which set it apart from others in its class. Its Clearly Protected range gives you the choice between Vibrant and Privacy - which are exactly as they sound. Vibrant enhances the colours on your screen, while Privacy makes it harder for others to peek at what you’re doing.
Its Alpha Glass range is available if durability is your priority over the vibrancy of your colours. Made from glass, it can withstand more than polyester or plastic screen covers.

Patchwork ITG MAX

At about triple the price comes Patchwork - a tempered glass option that will last you far longer than you need it. It is incredibly hard and durable and, while its coating does protect against fingerprints, you'll be mostly paying for protection from breakage.

Spigen GLAS.t SLIM

Another one for the durability obsessed, Spigen’s product is designed to keep your screen safe and clean - from dust particles, scratches, cracks, shatters, and so forth. It may not be the most attractive option, as it is hard to apply and has the pesky habit of not being easily reapplied, meaning that if you get it wrong, you may need to replace it.

Ocushield New Gen Screen Protector

Ocushield is focused on actually preventing that blue light from harming you. Ocushield, made of Polyethylene terephthalate and a special anti-blue formulae layer, is the first credible product to actually block blue light. This means - better sleep, higher alertness the next day, improved ocualr health, as well as improving your body’s capacity to re-enervate following a good night’s sleep.
It also protects against scratches and nicks, and is considerably cheaper than many of the competing products.
While we all want our smartphones and devices to be free of damage of any kind, what is more important is that our eyes and bodies are kept in shape. For that reason, blue light protection is a far greater priority.

Blue light protection is still a developing market, but we are learning more and more how important it can be. A product such as Ocushield is vital to normalising our body’s reaction to smartphone use.

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