The on our founder, Dhruvin Patel

Meet the students turning a profit out of a lifestyle niggle, The wrote an article about our founder Dhruvin Patel launching Ocushield while at university. We hope this can encourage and inspire some of our younger adopters! Click below to read the article.

Apple’s blue light filter, IOS night mode

Apple’s IOS 9.3, night mode. Why filter blue light? Rumour has it, Apple are realizing how important it is to cut out blue light from screens. This has lead to Apple releasing a new ‘night mode’ in their new iOS 9.3 update. This will dim blue light in iPhones and iPads at night. It will […]

How Does Our Sleeping Cycle Change During Christmas?

The festive period is among us, the excitement of the wait of what Christmas day will bring us is lingering. Children are indeed, most excited, waiting to catch a glimpse of Santa Clause (and their presents). Routines change during this time of the year, as we are all very busy and joyous. Additionally, the winter […]