How to Sleep Better At Night

How to Sleep Better At Night We’ve all been there – no matter how hard you try, you just can’t fall asleep. Sleep is a huge part of our health cycle, and it affects our productivity as well as physical health factors like our weight and our disposition towards certain health problems and diseases. It’s […]

What are the effects of blue light on ocular health and circadian rhythms?

Abstract In the digital age, our day to day lives are increasingly surrounded by artificial light created by light filaments and digital devices. Natural sunlight cannot penetrate thick walls in large shopping centres, meaning commercial lighting fixtures are built as a replacement. Traditional use of pen and paper has declined with computer screens now in […]

The iPad, what do we use it for?

The original iPad was released less than 5 years ago by Apple, and in the short time since, has become one of the most significant electronic devices in our day.  Although expectations were high for Apple’s re-imagining of the tablet, many users were initially confused or bemused as to what to use the iPad for. […]